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Top 7 Places to Buy Furniture Hardware

Online Shopping - where and why I purchase my furniture pulls online.

1. Amazon

I am definitely a loyal Amazon shopper. I can't help myself there is just so many things and they come SO stinkin' fast! I love it. Honestly I love to shop online in general because as a furniture flipper budgeting is so important. When you're bargain hunting it just makes it that much easier to click between websites and price compare! That being said there is definitely a fair share of junk on Amazon. When it comes to buying hardware you really don't want the cheap stuff! I always read the reviews. ALWAYS. No exceptions. You also want to carefully check the dimensions of the piece because yes I have ordered the deal of a lifetime only for it to show up and basically be small enough for doll furniture! If the hardware screws into the furniture from the front - pass it up, it is NO good.

2. Lee Valley

Lee Valley is a goldmine when it comes to buying random things. Not only do they have a ton of beautiful knobs and pulls (professionally catalogued by style) but they also carry a ton of other one off hardware pieces that can be difficult to find anywhere else. Lee Valley is my go to if I need to replace drawer slides, piano hinges, drop leaf hinges, table leaf locking mechanisms and so on. Lee Valley also carries specialty tools and woodworking supplies. Fun fact about me - I have a tiny head and Lee Valley was the only place I found that carried a professional quality dust respirator that properly fit my noggin. Bonus? It's purple!

Top 7 Places to Buy Furniture Hardware | Vintage & Varnish Blog | Painted Furniture | DIY

3. Hardware Stores

The big box hardware stores all carry a variety of knobs and pulls for furniture. Think Home Depot, Lowes, Rona etc... for the most part they carry the same well known brands such as Richelieu but they all have different pieces in store, this ensures they can set their prices without having to worry about their price match guarantees. A lot of these stores offer a larger variety online and will allow you to order for in-store pickup without paying shipping. Another bonus to online shopping, it increases your selection! Recently, I finished a piece and decided I MUST have lions head pulls for the doors - I wanted a specific colour to match the one random pull I'd already found in my stash so I went hunting. Home Depot and Lowes both carried that pull but only Lowes had it available in the colour I wanted - see how they do that!? Buggers.

4. Home Sense

Home Sense doesn't carry a huge selection of hardware but what they do have is on trend and priced so good it's really hard to pass it up. Let's face it, hardware is expensive! Whenever I go to Home Sense I always check out what they've got and if I really love it I will buy it and add it to my stash. I've got quite the collection! Don't forget to check the kids area! There are often knobs in the kids home décor section that are super cute!

A majority of the hardware selection at Home Sense is made up of ceramic knobs on metal posts so it's worth mentioning you have to be gentle when installing these. If you over tighten the knobs the metal post will strip the ceramic and the knob will forever spin unless you take it apart and make repairs.

Top 7 Places to Buy Furniture Hardware

5. Etsy

The hardware selection on Etsy really is never-ending. You can find true antique and vintage pieces, handmade pieces, hand forged pieces - the possibilities are endless and absolutely gorgeous. I shop Etsy for hardware when I'm looking for a unique hardware to accentuate a piece. Keep in mind when browsing Etsy that pricing can be a little misleading. Some shops will lower their sticker price only to tack it on to the shipping side and vice versa so when comparing prices on Etsy it's important to add the items to your basket and compare the after shipping cost. Also, sometimes the pricing is set per piece - it may say shipping is $4.50 but if you order 12 knobs you are actually paying $54 in shipping. In these instances it doesn't hurt to contact the seller directly and inquire as to whether it's possible to have your shipping cost adjusted.

6. House of Antique Hardware

The House of Antique Hardware - One of 7 Top Places to Buy Furniture Hardware | Vintage & Varnish Blog | Painted Furniture | DIY

If I'm shopping House of Antique Hardware than I am ALL IN on that piece of furniture. As a Canadian based business this isn't my most economical choice for hardware (although they are much more affordable for the US consumer). That being said, they have amazing stuff. House of Antique Hardware will be my first choice if I am working with a client that has a large budget for hardware or if I am working on a high end piece that I know has wiggle room in the pricing. If I am working on a piece for myself, where I know profit margins are not really a concern, I will almost always shop the House of Antique Hardware before looking anywhere else as comparison. I also like to shop here for special touches when working on DIY projects for my home. For example, this is where I purchased the gorgeous cast-iron scroll brackets currently bracing my kitchen counter.

7. Anthropologie

I love Anthropologie. I mean where else are you going to find drawer pulls made out of iron and horn, yes horn! Like little shined up pieces of antler! Well maybe Etsy but then you lose out on the whole experience of just BEING in Anthropologie and this is a store you need to explore. Not only will you find beautiful hardware here but there is so much inspiration in their furniture and the colour palettes and patterns all throughout the store. Anthropologie comes with a higher price tag so again it's a matter of is it worth it for THIS piece of furniture and sometimes that answer is YES, definitely. Anthropologie also has a little back room where there are huge sales to be found and that is where I usually scoop up my hardware!

So those are my top 7 when it comes to shopping hardware although only around half my pieces actually have NEW hardware. I love vintage hardware and I often keep what the furniture already has unless it is broken or missing. Sometimes all the original needs is a good scrub but more often than not I paint the hardware to freshen it up and modernize the colour. When I DO remove the hardware, I keep it! I just add it to that ever growing stash. Sometimes I use it on other pieces and sometimes I just need one or two that already match what's currently missing on another piece!

Top 7 Places to Buy Furniture Hardware | Vintage & Varnish Blog | Painted Furniture | DIY
Oak Console Table - Refurbished in General Finishes Milk Paint "Sage"


DISCLAIMER: This is not sponsored content. This is a personal review and the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed herein are strictly my own. I did not receive financial compensation from any of the brands mentioned in this post.

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