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Faux Concrete Nightstands - Pair


These nightstands were dated and aged with their shiny oak finish and chunky 1970's hardware, the corners were damaged and the finish was worn leaving them a little tired.

I decided combining a textured finish with their fluted trim would work well together to create this pillared, faux concrete finish. Multiple colours of grey, textured paint were layered and combined and alternated to replicate the look of stone. New apothecary style pulls were added and oil waxed to create an aged pewter look.


These tables are perfect for a master bedroom and also work well as side tables in a main living space to add additional storage to any room.



24" tall

24" wide

16" deep


**Sealed with a highly durable acrylic topcoat in a "Flat" sheen durable enough for use in high traffic areas.







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Faux Concrete Nightstands - Pair

  • Furniture pieces are not available for direct shipping. If you live outside of the Edmonton, AB area and are interested in purchasing this piece please contact us directly to make arrangements.

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