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Hutch Style Bar Cabinet with Lights


This high-end Sklar Peppler piece of furniture is solid maple and Canadian made. The original china cabinet was in decent condition but was very dated with brass inlays, hardware and light fixtures. The piece itself had a look of grandeur with its beautiful curved drawers and large trim mouldings. A classic white finish accentuates the beauty of this piece of beautiful furniture without taking away from the original wood carvings.


This china cabinet was converted into an open bar style hutch with plenty of storage. To start the conversion all the glass with brass inlays was removed and replaced with clear glass inserts. Next, the lower shelf was converted from floating glass to wood in order to accommodate the installation of double glass racks. The original brass light fixtures were replaced with modern farmhouse black cage style lights which were relocated to better illuminate the centre bar. The dated panel backing was removed and a beautiful rustic grey barn board panel was installed in its place as well as along the roof of the bar cabinet. All lighting runs on a dimmer switch (located inside the bar), the cabinet itself plugs into the wall, no batteries required.


The exteriour of this cabinet was primed and then painted in a cabinet grade, pure white paint. The applique details on the top drawer as well as the side columns were treated with a dark grey aging glaze to accentuate their detail. The shelving as well as the interiours of both cupboards and the display cabinet were also painted in a pure white, cabinet grade paint.


The original door hardware was cleaned and painted using a satin black paint to match the new cup pulls installed on the drawer fronts. All of the drawers were refreshed with a good cleaning and sanding. The wood drawers were conditioned, inside and out and the vintage style wood glides were waxed for easy opening and closing.



79" tall

65" wide

16.5" deep (base cabinet) 14" deep (upper cabinet)

*Please Note: This bar consists of two pieces as the bar hutch does lift off the base for easier transport, however, due to the size of the upper cabinet a truck is required for transport of this bar.


**This cabinet, interiour and exteriour, were painted using a cabinet grade paint that does not require a topcoat. However, for increased durability, two coats of a highly durable urethane/acrylic topcoat in a "Satin" sheen were applied.












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Hutch Style Bar Cabinet with Lights

  • Furniture pieces are not available for direct shipping. If you live outside of the Edmonton, AB area and are interested in purchasing this piece please contact us directly to make arrangements.

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