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Modern Vintage Secretary Desk


This antique secretary desk dates somewhere between the 1920's and '30s. A modern/vintage facelift was provided by painting this desk a deep blue and adding copper accents but all efforts were made in maintaining as much of the original character and charm as possible. To conserve some of the history in this piece minor dings and dents were left as is and only major damage was repaired. The desk was also refinished using materials popular in the era. The exteriour of the piece was painted using milk paint, a pigmented powder mixed with water that has been used for painting for as many as 30,000 years. The pigment flecks leave slight variations in tone throughout the finish for an authentic antique look. The carved wood trim and hardware were hand rubbed with a copper gilding wax to accent the detailing and add a modern pop of colour.


The interiour of the desk was cleaned and sanded to smooth out some of the surface damage accumulated from years of wear and tear. The entire inside was refreshed using a finish-penetrating formula that restores the original wood finish while blending out minor scratches and blemishes. The interiour shelving of the desk was badly damaged from kids carving their names to mark their cubbies. This piece was removed and sanded, then painted in a distressed black to match the desk hinges. The folding supports were cleaned and lubricated for a smooth opening door front.


The drawer interiour was lined with a vintage map paper to tie into the wood and copper tones throughout the piece. The drawer sides were cleaned and refreshed with a conditioning oil and the drawer pulls were changed out with gilded copper handles that complimented the curves in the carved trim. The original keyhole was left as is and gilded with copper wax - the keyhole is decorative only and has no matching key or locking purposes.


The inner side panels of the bottom cupboard were finished in a faux tiger oak pattern, this finish was popular in the early 1900's and really sets the date for this piece. The finish was in nearly perfect condition and so was left as is. The shelves themselves were badly damaged with some deep staining, in an effort to not paint the interiour and detract from the tiger oak finish the shelves were cleaned and sanded and then lined with a beautiful vintage paper stamped with an old manufacturing logo. The inside panels of the doors were painted using a raised stencil technique and then accentuated with a rust patina giving the bottom cupboard a truly unique antique/industrial feel.



59" tall to tallest point - shelf height sits at 45"

31.5" wide

14" deep



**This desk was sealed with hemp oil and hand rubbed for a soft and natural sheen true to the era in which it was built. The cupboard interiour was sealed with a highly durable urethane/acrylic topcoat in a "Flat" sheen for greater durability suited to its usage. The desk interiour was polished with a protective coating of carnauba wax and beeswax.










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Modern Vintage Secretary Desk

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