Seating Charts

Help your guests find their designated dinner seat with a gorgeous one of a kind seating chart.

All pre-designed seating charts can be fully customized. Seating charts are pre-designed to include 12 tables of 8 as well as the names of those seated at the head table. Current layouts allow for a 4"x9" space for guest names lea ving plenty of room to shrink text and add tables to the design layout as needed.

Please Note:

Seating chart designs do not include "painted" names for your guests. Due to the DIY nature of our workshops and the level of difficulty involved with stenciling mass amounts of text we at Vintage & Varnish recommend "attaching" your guest lists rather than painting them. We recommend you print out your table lists on a high quality cardstock and attach to your seating chart using double sided tape, decorative binder clips or mini clothespins depending on your preferred style. All seating charts include optional mini silver binder clips.

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